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Michael Vick-- Second chance or cast aside?

Posted on: July 21, 2009 2:21 pm
This is my first blog, so I wanted to make sure I picked a topic I felt strongly about so I can take the time to write about it. Now over the past 20 or so months I've read and heard every and any opinion about what to do with Michael Vick after he is free. Some say he shouldn't ever be allowed back in the NFL. Others think he deserves a second chance. While this is all just speculation and the only person who's opinion matters is the Mr Goodell himself, I think that he should be allowed to play. He has already paid his debt to society in jail. Whether it was a fancy low security prison or Shawshank, it doesn't matter. It was still jail. He's now in more debt than GM and needs to use his talents (football) to repay them. Now don't get me wrong, I am not a Vick fan in the least. What he did was sick and terrible. I own a ten month old pitbull myself and she's the sweetest and happiest thing in the world. Even as a football player I hated Vick. I don't like the whole dual threat QB idea because all it does is make highlights for TV and such. If you have to run and you can, thats great. Have fun. But when you're barely looking downfield like Vick used to it's making the game all about yourself and I hate that. But with all that said if he can still play he should be allowed the chance. Pacman Jones was associated with a shooting that led to a man being paralyzed. Donte Stallworth accidentally killed a man with his car when he was too drunk to drive. niether of these men saw anywhere near the jailtime Vick did. But because Vick was the face of the NFL, he had to be made an example of. And that example was made, so he should be allowed the chance to pull himself out of this hole. The thing that most people don't understand is the fact that he still may never play again, nobody knows if he can get back into the shape he was in or if he can stay with the speed of the game or even digest a new playbook and system. If he can do all of those things and not get into any further trouble he deserves to play. He earned the right that he lost when he went to jail. He should be allowed to work his way back into the NFL. There is no team thats just going to give him millions of dollars and the starting job. So why not give a man a second chance after he screwed up? Everyone makes mistakes. He made a huge one, and lost nearly two years of his life and more than all of his money. He's obviously learned his lesson. If not, then kick him out for good. I have no problem with that. But everyone deserves a second chance.
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Posted on: July 25, 2009 2:10 am

Michael Vick-- Second chance or cast aside?

Wow. Anyone who thinks that Vick doesnt deserve a second change is just completely retarded. Stallworth is still playing today when he killed someone when he was DRUNK! I have a dog myself. But I think that if Vick gets punishment like this for killing dogs then Ray Lewis should be put to death. Plaxico Burress shot himself in the foot like a dump butt and got suspended. I think being that stupid itself is punishment enough. Leonard Little kills for a hobby and he still plays, any more people that need to be posted up here that didnt do a month when they did terrible stuff and just got let loose. Vick was an amazing quarterback and one of the best athletes to ever play! The fact that he could run, pass, and catch or do whatever he wanted to do on the feild at all times was amazing. He was the most electifying player in football. He made the league more money than any player did. So saying that I think that Goodell will give him a second chance. Some people will come to see him play and spend their money that way. And others will come to games just to rag him with signs. Either way the league makes money. Which ever team that picks him up is getting an amazing player. You just dont lose that kind of talent. You dont just lose 4.3 speed and the ability to throw 80 yards. Yeah maybe hes even less accurate now, maybe he runs a 4.5 or 4.6, and maybe he can only throw 70 yards. SO! He can still be used effectively in the wildcat every single week. Well I guess im done.

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Posted on: July 24, 2009 1:21 pm

Michael Vick-- Second chance or cast aside?

Who Cares?

I am sick of the media acting like Vick is God’s Gift to football and that the sport can’t survive without him.
The NFL has done just find without him!

He's not a "Team Player", he was Over-Rated as a QB from the beginning. Al

He’s was a better RB then a QB.

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Posted on: July 23, 2009 1:24 pm

Michael Vick-- Second chance or cast aside?

Michael Vick should be let back in the NFL, but to align his success with the interests of those who demand his punishment, make him contribute 20% of his NFL Earnings to the local SPCA or other animal care charities.

That's a Win-Win, and the more Vick earns in the NFL, the more the puppies are paid.

Same goes for Donte Stallworth ... if he comes back, he must be a contributor to the cause or value he violated for the remainder of his NFL earning career.

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Posted on: July 22, 2009 3:22 pm

Michael Vick-- Second chance or cast aside?

My problem with Vick is that his disregard for society in general; before the stuff about the dogs came out he was caught at the Miami airport with a water bottle with a stange little compartment that smelled of pot. Later, after he was caught for the dogs he tested positive for weed and those are the things he got caught for, who knows how much more he got away with, and I haven't even mentioned the lies to the commissioner of the NFL and Mr. Blank.

Should he be allowed to play this year? Sure, let him play, I just don't want him on my team, not because he's an ex-con with a bad history, we all have stuff in our past we want to forget, but because I have always thought he was an overrated QB who was average at best as a QB, but was a great athlete and could have been a great running back, but as a QB he needed to have Shaq and Yao Ming as recievers since he seemed to always throw over his intended target.

I'm sure some desperate team will give him a shot but I think he will end up getting cut because of his lack of skills not his history of crime.

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Posted on: July 22, 2009 2:54 pm

Michael Vick-- Second chance or cast aside?

people may not like it but i think he deserves a 2nd chance but thats me plus he was my fantasy football qb.

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Posted on: July 22, 2009 1:19 pm

Michael Vick-- Second chance or cast aside?

Donte Stallworth is not allowed back in the league.  He has been suspended indefinitely.  What Vick did may actually be a worse crime because of the intent, pre-meditation, and the fact that he did it over an extended period of time and showed no remorse (until he was caught, that is).

No one is stopping Vick from earning a living -- the UFL is offering as much (or more) money as he would get in NFL this year.  So stop crying for the guy and saying that it's unfair. 

He flat out lied to Goodell at their last meeting.  He violated the morals clause of his contract.  Find me another company that would take back a former employee with that kind of record. And any team that is stupid enough to sign him deserves what it gets -- an endless distraction, cancelled season tickets, protests in front of the stadium, and a boycott on the products that the owner's other businesses sell.

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Posted on: July 22, 2009 12:30 pm

Michael Vick-- Second chance or cast aside?

Mike Vick is The Man!... thats all i got to say.Yell

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Posted on: July 22, 2009 12:15 pm

Michael Vick-- Second chance or cast aside?

Hokisuck, you have some good points. An let me say that Pete Rose should be in the hall of fame and its BS that the all time hit leader isn't in because of what he did as a coach. But Convicted felons deserve to work just as much as the next guy. Someone already spoke about the Leonard Little situation, and I wrote about Donte Stallworth already. If those two AND Pacman are allowed back in the league, you have no ground to stand on just because animal cruelty (albeit severe animal cruelty) is apparently a worse crime than being drunk and being dumb enough to drive and kill someone.

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Posted on: July 22, 2009 11:27 am

Michael Vick-- Second chance or cast aside?

Hey Bob,

GET A LIFE, who cares what you think about someone's blog.  Cool

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Posted on: July 22, 2009 11:25 am

Michael Vick-- Second chance or cast aside?

Michael Vick did his time.  Who are you to judge wheter he should banned or not?  He deserves a second chance.  For goodness sakes, Leonard Little who plays for the Rams killed a lady while drunk driving then gets another DUI a few years later.  Leonard Little is STILL playing football.  You Vick bashers need to wake up.  If that was some average citizen that did what he did, I bet he would of gotten probation, but Vick got over a year in prison.

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