Posted on: July 21, 2009 2:21 pm

Michael Vick-- Second chance or cast aside?

This is my first blog, so I wanted to make sure I picked a topic I felt strongly about so I can take the time to write about it. Now over the past 20 or so months I've read and heard every and any opinion about what to do with Michael Vick after he is free. Some say he shouldn't ever be allowed back in the NFL. Others think he deserves a second chance. While this is all just speculation and the only person who's opinion matters is the Mr Goodell himself, I think that he should be allowed to play. He has already paid his debt to society in jail. Whether it was a fancy low security prison or Shawshank, it doesn't matter. It was still jail. He's now in more debt than GM and needs to use his talents (football) to repay them. Now don't get me wrong, I am not a Vick fan in the least. What he did was sick and terrible. I own a ten month old pitbull myself and she's the sweetest and happiest thing in the world. Even as a football player I hated Vick. I don't like the whole dual threat QB idea because all it does is make highlights for TV and such. If you have to run and you can, thats great. Have fun. But when you're barely looking downfield like Vick used to it's making the game all about yourself and I hate that. But with all that said if he can still play he should be allowed the chance. Pacman Jones was associated with a shooting that led to a man being paralyzed. Donte Stallworth accidentally killed a man with his car when he was too drunk to drive. niether of these men saw anywhere near the jailtime Vick did. But because Vick was the face of the NFL, he had to be made an example of. And that example was made, so he should be allowed the chance to pull himself out of this hole. The thing that most people don't understand is the fact that he still may never play again, nobody knows if he can get back into the shape he was in or if he can stay with the speed of the game or even digest a new playbook and system. If he can do all of those things and not get into any further trouble he deserves to play. He earned the right that he lost when he went to jail. He should be allowed to work his way back into the NFL. There is no team thats just going to give him millions of dollars and the starting job. So why not give a man a second chance after he screwed up? Everyone makes mistakes. He made a huge one, and lost nearly two years of his life and more than all of his money. He's obviously learned his lesson. If not, then kick him out for good. I have no problem with that. But everyone deserves a second chance.
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